“One can place one’s foot on a topic because one can put one’s tongue on it”, says McKenzie Wark in her book about computer games. ScriptedReality takes this sentence as the starting point for a series of lecture performances that use the tongue and feet to trace the materiality and immateriality of the city, which is increasingly permeated by a web of invisible texts.

The lectures are concerned with images that, as in the case of the new historic centre, enforce their own architectural reproduction. They move through the piles of infrastructure into which the city has multiplied and in which we go about our daily business, trying to get our feet on the ever-liquidifying ground of the Anthropocene. They also make contact with ping ghosts that arise in the non-simultaneity between layers, where something remains which cannot be found on the maps.

Thus, emerges an architecture of narratives, in and with which ScriptedReality, based on Situationist techniques, investigates the idea of ‘psychoarchitectures’.


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By and with Tilman Aumüller, Arne Salasse, Ruth Schmidt.  A ScriptedReality production.

ScriptedReality is a collective with to some extent changing agents that was founded in 2014 by students of Applied Theatre Studies Gießen (Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Gießen). Their work oscillates between performance, intervention and essayism; it connects events, found and manufactured objects with carefully woven fabulations that examine the spaces between fact and fiction. .