Discourse Programme

(c) naivundnegativ

Due to their immediacy, performative arts offer unusual approaches to topics of high social relevance. From activist practice as well, we already know several examples of how performative strategies have stimulated and/or initiated transformative processes. Against this background, the discourse program of IMPLANTIEREN2020 sees itself as a space to express current questions, theses and thoughts. It aims to offer a platform for exchange.

In close cooperation with the artists participating in the festival and with invited experts, we would like to discuss with our visitors the topics we encounter in this year’s artistic works and at the festival venues. What we are interested in, are questions about future cultures of memory and speculative architecture, modern spirituality and fictional excavations, which we want to pose and discuss together. Special attention will be paid to the conceptual process of the artistic works, their respective approaches to public spaces and the problems and possibilities associated therewith. In cooperation with the participating artists, formats beyond podium, lecture or powerpoint-presentation will be created for the discourse programme.