Discourse Programme

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Critical discourses form the basis for social transformation. They promote changes that are supported and promoted by society as a whole. Discourses depict problems, generate ideas and create solutions. Together. The discourse formats, which were developed in the run-up to the festival in cooperation with the artists*, complement their positions in terms of content. They are intended to deal with the themes of the festival and make visible what needs to be questioned. Which public spaces do we want to share? Which ones do we want to occupy? Which spaces do we have to defend, which ones are worth fighting for? Which spaces must be complained about and which must be reoccupied?

The various discourses from the fields of cell urbanism, urban acupuncture, speculative culture of memory, the Commons’ pluri-universe, and urban greenery form the festival’s supporting programme in the form of an exchange with experts and speakers. The topics and concepts mentioned are also intended to take up space in the discourse series as an explanatory part and to be brought closer to the audience and the artists in formats such as oracles, opinion screenings, lecture picnics, networking panels, etc. The aim is to generally recognize and learn from each other and with each other. In line with the artistic programme, the spectrum of the theatrical framing ranges from the culture of remembrance in public space to gentrification processes, concepts of ownership and land issues. Furthermore, we would like to address the various challenges for urban politics, from right-wing architecture to questions of a climate-friendly city, as well as the social practice of the commons.


Catalogue of Sites & Venues (Pop-Up-Office)

Since its inception, IMPLANTIEREN has been dedicated to finding niches that allow for specific performative events. Over the years, this has resulted in knowledge that is now to be made accessible and applicable to individual artists and initiators beyond the duration of the festival, in order to strengthen the activities of the independent scene in the long term. During this year’s edition of IMPLANTIEREN, an open digital catalogue will be created in the festival centres, which will archive locations and integrate them into a network of potential contact points for actors in the scene. In addition, we will work together to think about a continuous ‘off-season’ visibility of Frankfurt’s independent scene – possibly in the form of regular project implantations, which could be framed by a label or a programme series.


21.08. 18.00 – 22.00 Festivalcentre Frankfurt
29.08. 16.00 – 19.00 Festivalcentre Darmstadt
05.09. 16.00 – 20.00 Festivalcentre Offenbach

AQUARIUM (opening event) with Victoria Schwab and Paola Wechs
The short and crisp conversation, staged like a round of talks, is transferred from the Werkbund Forum into public space. Visitors* can see the speakers through the Werkbund’s shop window, but can only hear them through a broadcast. The speakers will receive terms on cards and improvise with each other. Visitors will also have the opportunity to write down the terms and give them to the speakers through the slot provided for this purpose.
Date: 20.08. 20.00 Werkbund Forum Frankfurt | Wheelchair accessible

LECTURE PICKNICK with Victoria Schwab, Marie Neumann and Bettina Weber
At the Anlagenring at the water house Fein Frankfurt, visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch and get deeper insights from activists and scientists into different perspectives on topics such as Granting of funds in the artistic sphere from the perspective of the Commons (Victoria Schwab, Commons Institute Bonn), future protection areas (Bettina Weber, Urban League), social-spatial appropriation for urban society (Marie Neumann, Dresden Conglomerate).
Date: 21.08. 19.00 am Fein Wasserhäuschen, Frankfurt | Wheelchair accessible

In the basis e. V. project space there will be a mythical gathering in the city of capital flows. At the entrance of the room there will be a catalogue of questions, from which the visitors can choose questions they want to ask an oracle. In the oracle itself, experts will then oracle on these questions. All answers given by the oracle will be collected on a wall in front of the room.
Date: 03.09. 19.30 – 21.30 basis e. V. Projektraum, Frankfurt | Only limited accessibility

VEGATALES MEINUNGSSCREENING on »Botanical Powwow – Micromuseum for the Future« with Lara-Maria Mohr und Katharina Böttger
Using objects from the micromuseum of artists 431art, a screening of opinions on the topics of the climate-friendly city and urban flora will be created. Experts will provide various insights into these spheres.
23.08. 15.00 Botanischer Garten Frankfurt | Wheelchair accessible
29.08. 18.00 Osthang, Darmstadt | Wheelchair accessible

INTERVIEW ROUND Here the initiatives behind the festival centres are interviewed about their work. They can explain the history and background of their creation and report on their current work, as well as address opportunities and problems.
21.08. 16.00 Werkbund Forum | Wheelchair accessible
28.08. 16.00 Osthang | Wheelchair accessible
04.09. 16.00 Hauptbahnhof Offenbach | Only limited accessibility

IMPLANTIEREN macht KOMPLIZ*INNEN This format is intended to bring together invited initiators and actors* on the last weekend of the festival and to provide for an exchange at a networking table, as well as to enable a selective continuity.
Only limited accessibility