20.08. – 23.08.2020 at Werkbund Forum (Weckmarkt 5, 60311 Frankfurt)

In autumn 2019, the Deutscher Werkbund Hessen moved into its new office at Weckmarkt 5. Located in the centre of Frankfurt, the premises offer the opportunity to complement larger events with smaller formats to have an impact on the urban space. As an interdisciplinary and professionally independent association, questions and topics of design are the focus of the association’s work. The members of the Werkbund are appointed on the basis of the quality of their work. They come from the fields of architecture, design and art, from urban, landscape and regional planning, from science, research and teaching, monument conservation, journalism and politics as well as from industry, trade and commerce. The Werkbund’s spectrum of events is correspondingly complex and interdisciplinary.
In its mission statement, Werkbund Hessen emphasizes the special responsibility in the context of planning and design of both consumer goods and the world of life and work in general. From this the Werkbund derives a political mandate that is committed to the vision of an enlightened and humane society and the preservation of the natural foundations of life. Responsible design requires an attitude that takes social and ecological questions and issues into account and focuses on them.

For the Werkbund as an economic and cultural organization, this means promoting a critical discourse on social developments through public statements, publications, exhibitions and events. We see the Werkbund’s contribution as being to understand economic transformation also as a social-ecological one and to address this process in a non-polarizing social discourse in order to support a responsible lifestyle.

Opening hours:

Thursday 19.00 – 22.00
Friday & Saturday 16.00 – 22.00
Sunday 16.00 – 21.00


28.08. – 30.08.2020 on the Osthang (Olbrichweg 19, 64287 Darmstadt)

The Osthang is a place of the arts and artists*, of freedom and leisure, away from big city concrete, noise and commerce: a small piece of forest, an important piece of subculture, a utopia. Every summer, a collectively motivated volunteer awakens the eastern slope with exhibitions, concerts, workshops
and festivals to life again. Situated on the Osthang of the Mathildenhöhe and thus directly connected to the cultural heritage of Darmstadt, the Osthang represents a modern experimental area in the mirror of the historic artists’ colony:
Whether design, art, architecture, film, dance, theatre or photography – everyone is welcome to create, design, experiment or marvel with us.
In 2014, the Darmstädter Architektursommer e. V. in cooperation with the International Music Institute Darmstadt established a temporary artists’ colony for experimental building and thinking over a period of six weeks. The previously unused site on the eastern slope of the Mathildenhöhe was thus brought back into the public consciousness. The “Osthang Project” was a cultural project space and a source of inspiration for creative discourses with regional and international artists and activists and at the same time a festival centre.
With the end of the “Summer School” in 2014, the question arose as to how the created structures should be used in the future. A team of motivated participants in the project worked out a concept for the subsequent use of the eastern slope and formed a collective: OHA Osthang. With the consent of the city, a free cultural centre based on the artists’ colony of the Mathildenhöhe was to be created in the future under the themes of architecture, design, art, theatre, dance, encounter and film. A collective of students from the faculties of architecture and design, but also from other disciplines, as well as some non-students, have been performing on the slope with concerts, exhibitions and more.

Opening hours:

Friday & Saturday 16.00 – 22.00
Sunday 16.00 – 21.00

unfortunately not OFFENBACH

03.09. – 06.09.2020 at Seilerbahn e.V.
(Offenbacher Landstraße 190, 60599 Frankfurt)

The HBF OF initiative has been running since autumn 2017 with the aim of developing a usage concept for the HBF OF as a property for the common good and to identify the needs for public space in Offenbach.
The decay of Offenbach’s main railway station, which has been going on for decades, should finally come to an end. The formative building at the end of the central Kaiserstrasse is to be made into a lively and attractive building again. And all this in the sense of a public-interest oriented use. Many examples in Germany show how jointly used real estate, carefully developed away from purely monetary investor interests, breathes new life into a district.
There are plenty of ideas for the conversion of the central station. Supported by broad social support, the HBF OF initiative wants to show that there is another way than presenting once again only a salutary investor who – apparently – solves all problems with money and then wants to earn it afterwards. In the beginning Marina Kampka (artist), Paola Wechs (urbanist), Georg Klein (wagon maker) and Kai Schmidt (culture & PR manager) found each other and discovered their common great passion for Offenbach’s main station and the preservation of public buildings for the community. The first public appearance took place only a short time later at the “offtopia Festival” of the Academy for Interdisciplinary Processes (afip) with a lecture on the history of Offenbach’s main station, the current political situation and the social significance of traditional public places. The interest was great and led to the foundation of the HBF OF initiative, which is still actively working towards a joint concept for the future use of Offenbach’s main station.

Opening hours:

Friday & Saturday 16.00 – 22.00
Sunday 16.00 – 21.00

HoRsT Frankfurt opens a pop-up bar on the respective weekends and provides not only the culinary but also a musical programme in the festival centers Weckmarkt Frankfurt and Offenbach main station.