Attention! Due to the current corona situation in Offenbach, the festival center had to be moved from Offenach main station to the premises of the Seilerbahn e.V., Frankfurt!

With its festival centres, IMPLANTIEREN2020 features three different locations in three different cities. On weekends in August and September 2020 we will mark a section of the northern bank of the Main in Frankfurt, the Osthang in Darmstadt and the Offenbach main station as festival centres. Set up as places where different forms of encounters are possible, we will show how public space can be shared. The starting point, however, are the three places in all their diversity. For example, Offenbach’s main train station is an infrastructure in the middle of the city that has hardly been used for several years. In cooperation with the initiative Hauptbahnhof OF, we want to transform it into a place with a variety of uses. In Darmstadt, we will be visiting the OSTHANG with our festival centre, a self-governing cultural centre, where practical examples are already being set of what a collaborative configuration of spaces can look like. In Frankfurt, we will stop at the northern bank of the Main, a section of road currently only temporarily closed to traffic, which invites us to try out other possible forms of use and to redesign public space in a collaborative way. 

Because it seems that the current situation in particular makes it more necessary than ever to think about coming together in the public sphere: Which spaces can be used collectively and how, what forms can togetherness take in spatial terms? With the establishment of the festival centres at the three locations in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Offenbach, we want to create opportunities to pursue these questions and find practical answers to them together. We invite you to join us here, to develop and expand the respective festival centre in cooperation with us, to explore the space in a playful way, to take a seat or simply to linger with us. 

All offers in the festival centres and the opening hours can be found here.