Within the context of IMPLANTIEREN2020 for the first time a two-week research residency for artists is being made possible. The residencies are understood as an open offering, production is not compulsive. They are meant to provide time as well as space for trying out one’s own artistic projects within the urban space. We are happy to get an insight into the works by the collective HELLA LUX and by artist Marialena Marouda and invite everyone cordially to come together and enter into an exchange.

In their project »Oceanographies Institut« the artists Marialena Marouda and Charlie Usher approache an examination of shore areas by analysing the relationship between humans and water. In a kind of long-term study, they collect narratives and from the many conversations they had, they build an archive. Within the context of IMPLANTIEREN2020, Frankfurt based people and their relationship to the Main river are meant to become part of this.

The showing of Marielena Marouda and Charlie Usher will take place at the Projektraum at basis e.V. on 22.08. at 18.00 and 20.00.
We kindly ask for a short informal registration for the event in advance, stating your name and a contact address:

HELLA LUX will be a guest at IMPLANTIEREN2020 with their work »OST«. It’s starting point is an inquiry on the site of Frankfurt’s Eastern Harbour, where currently in immediate vicinity the working worlds of the old trade port and the newly constructed ECB meet. The daily work processes are what HELLA LUX want to focus on. 

The HELLA LUX showing will take place on 05.09. from 16.00 to 18.00 at Seilerbahn (Offenbacher Landstr. 190, Frankfurt).
A registration is not necessary.