Philip Albus

The »Klangarchiv Gießen« (Giessen Sound Archive), founded by Philip Albus, is dedicated to the preservation of significant and in some cases threatened acoustic spaces of public life. »SPACE MACHINE No.1« is, on the one hand, an exhibition of the archive’s work and is intended to open up a more conscious access to known and unknown acoustic spaces for the audience by means of a playfully intuitive exploration of these spaces. On the other hand, as an “empirical installation”, the work is also intended to approach the questions of identity and memory, which are derived from the experience of public spaces, in an empirical way and thus operate at the interface between sound art work and scientific experiment.


20.08. 21.00-22.00 Werbund Forum Frankfurt
21.08.-23.08. 16.00-21.00 Werkbund Forum Frankfurt
28.08.-30.08 16.00-21.00 Osthang Darmstadt
04.09.-06.09. 16.00-21.00 Seilerbahn e.V., Frankfurt

Additional Date:

05.09. 21.00 Live in Concert: Ana Berkenhoff aka Era Geldes, Seilerbahn e.V., Frankfurt

Wheelchair accessible
The installation can be accessed free of charge and without prior notice, there may be short waiting times.

Concept: Philip Albus
Cooperation: Ana Berkenhoff

Philip Albus claims that he is a ghost hunter. He studied neuro-psychology in Gießen. This is also where he operates the »Klangarchiv Gießen« which is dedicated to the preservation of the spatial acoustics of lost and endangered spaces. His interest lies within the balancing act between art and science, science and fiction and the spaces of possibility that stretch between these poles

Ana Berkenhoff, artist/performer. London/Frankfurt. Creates plays/films/music and acts on radio as well as in free and city theatres. Most recently at the HAU Berlin, Foreign Affairs, the Kaserne Basel and the Rodskilde Festival. As a musician, she was awarded the Francis Chagrin Award and the WISWOS woman in sound.