With »SPECULATIVE RUINS // RUINES OF SPECULATION«, the artists’ collective PARA continues its examination of questions of time, narratives of the politics of memory and the future of cultural heritage, which it began in 2018. Within the framework of IMPLANTIEREN2020, the banking metropolis of Frankfurt will be explored for its state of ruined-ness and for this purpose the future remnants of the global financial system will be made visible. What historical role will credit derivatives, stock indices and risk culture have played someday? Which cultural practices will pose an archaeological riddle for us in the future? What kind of ruins will financial speculation leave behind and how do we speculate on the future wreckage of the present?

PARA offers a premonition and lays the foundation for the Frankfurt banking district as a cultural heritage landscape of the future. By means of speculative pre-construction work and participatory ruination, the work focuses on possible remnants of an era of the derivative paradigm. PARA thus investigates the aesthetics of decay in public space and constructs (im)possibilities of preservation. During a construction site tour, the audience can encounter selected test pieces of ruined buildings and reflect on the end of the financial markets.


04.09. 19.00 | 20.00 | 21.00 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt
05.09. 13.00 | 14.00 | 19.00 | 20.00 | 21.00 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt
06.09. 13.00 | 14.00 | 19.00 | 20.00 | 21.00 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt

Meetingpoint: Willy-Brandt-Platz, 60311 Frankfurt

Wheelchair accessible

With: Peter Behrbohm, burgund t brandt, Lina Brion, Josephine Hans, Chiara Galesi, Philipp Röding, Bastian Sistig, Hanna Steinmair, Kolja Vennewald

PARA is an artists’ collective based in Berlin and Frankfurt with an approach based in research. The collective explores future ruins, narratives of memory politics and examines the suitability of current modes of communal life for becoming cultural heritage. For this, PARA works in an interdisciplinary, site-specific and performative manner, with techniques of re-construction and speculation, between science and fiction.

»SPECULATIVE RUSPECULATIVE RUINS // RUINES OF SPECULATION« is part of the artistic research »HOW GLOBALIZATION CAME TO AN END« (AT) and is a co-production with IMPLANTIEREN2020; in co-operation with the Künstlerhaus Lukas and the Stechlin Institut; financially supported by the Department of Culture of the City of Frankfurt as well as by the Hessian Ministry of Art and Science.