Urban Kids Academy

(c) Ines Wuttke

What is the ‘free theatre scene’ and what does ‘site-specific’ mean? For the first time, the upcoming festival edition of IMPLANTIEREN2020 will focus on a programme for children and young people. The aim is to give young people the opportunity to experience artistic works by the independent theatre scene and to invite them to become creatively active themselves. There will be an open programme in which anyone interested can take part, as well as a programme with a fixed group of children and young people. In addition, there will be the opportunity not only to view the works, but also to gain direct insights into the artistic process by talking to the participating artists. Within the scope of interactive workshops, the specific formats and aesthetics will be discussed in order to try them out for oneself afterwards: The participants become archaeologists, plant rescuers and performers and take part in a digital scavenger hunt through the venues and festival centres.

A detailed program will be published here soon!

If you are interested in our accompanying workshops for children and young people, please register in advance via an e-mail to: ines.wuttke@idfrankfurt.com.

The entire communication programme is carried out in compliance with the applicable hygiene rules and in coordination with the current possible forms of contact.