Recovering Beauty

Yoga Church of Evil

There is no good life to be found in what is already wrong. But is living a beautiful one possible within what is ugly? 

»Yoga Church of Evil – Recovering Beauty« is a mindful city walk, in which transcendental derailments and the discovery of the natural beauty of ugliness become the focus of an instant spirituality workshop. Participants are guided by Ycoen – the female guru of the Yoga Church of Evil – in exploring the surroundings. In their exploration, images and scenarios will be created that allow for an absurd web of inner and outer realities that keep overlapping each other. In this process, silence can be found in the eye of the cyclone.

“Make the world your playground – and people will be your puppets.”

»Yoga Church of Evil« is the long-term performance project by artist Janina Castellano and deals with modern spirituality and the psychosocial premisses and phenomena associated with it.

The performance will be in english language.

More information on Instagram @yogachurchofevil


20.08. 18.00 & 21.00 Eschenheimer Anlage, Frankfurt
21.08. 18.00 & 21.00 Eschenheimer Anlage, Frankfurt

Wheelchair accessible
Suitable for children

Concept und performance: Janina Castellano
Spiritual Assistance: Tieu Anh Ly

In her long-term project »Yoga Church of Evil«, Janina Castellano has been dealing with current questions about the dark side of human existence in her very own synthesis of performance, satire, video and social media since 2018.